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World Art Delft Symposium 'Recycle Art' 20080802

World Art Delft Symposium 'Recycle Art' 20080802
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World Art Delft Symposium 'Recycle Art' 20080802 Part 1

In August 2008 32 Visual Artist from Egypt, Italia, Greece, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands (under which myself) worked out the theme "Recycle Art", during the art symposium on the grounds of the World Art Delft Foundation (WAD) and the studios of the sport and  culture centre of the Technical University Delft (TU Delft). Such a international setting gave broad inspiration in collective creating art.

The results of the art works where showed from October 26 2008 until January 22 2009 at the in- and outdoor locations of World Art Delft during the exhibition with the same name 'Recycle Art'.Visual art, made with different kinds of techniques and material; even in natural material.

See a selection of the photo project by Jan-Clemens Lampe.
Jan-Clemens Lampe also made the portrait photography for the book 'Recycle Art (rubbish a defect of design)' published as part of the symposium. (ISBN 978-90-5959-051-9)

During the symposium the supervisory board bought the Poem 'Beeldende Tuin' in corten steal by Jan-Clemens Lampe. (was in consignment and lateron required by the World Art Delft)

Photos © Jan-Clemens Lampe

The Artists
Wolfgang Brenner
Abou El naga
Sarantis Gagas
Marisa Cortese
Georgia Grigoriadou
Michele Scaciga
Andrea Sampaolo
Horiki Katsutomi
Alessandro Wesch
Ohno Kouji
Joyce Bloem
Dodog Soeseno
Randolph John Schwidder
Els Otten
Simone Ten Bosch
Marius Quee
Bianca Tangande
Tamaar Toth Varju
Olaf Z. de Baar
Rien Olijslagers
Paula Kouwenhoven
Kudo Masahide
Takata Yoshiki
Noriko Yida
Masataka Kuroyanagi
Hitomi Kobuta
Miyano Moe
Ryoko Yamamoto
Kumagai Makoto
Nao Ishizaka
Jan Clemens Lampe
Gular Mustafa
Jan van Dorp
Maarten Wijsman
Anja Schlamann
Yvonne Muizert

See Part 2

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